Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme (MSBS)


Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme (MSBS)


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How to Value a Superannuation Benefit
This leaflet is intended to help you evaluate the information you will receive in your personal information statement and the estimates produced by the computer benefit forecaster (known as 'FRED')

Reasonable Benefits Limits
This pamphlet is intended to provide a quick introduction to Reasonable Benefits Limits. The full details are fairly complex, so this introduction can be no more than a general guide. If your total superannuation benefits come from MSBS, it is…

MSBS Questions and Answers
In this leaflet, some of the most commonly asked questions about the MSBS are answered.

Changes to the DFRDB Scheme
Outlines changes to the DFRDB scheme on the introduction of MSBS

A Message from the CDF
Letter re staying in the DFRDB scheme or transferring to the MSBS

Message: Changes to Superanniation Preservation Arrangements
Signal HQADF SIC WAS ACPERS439/95 of 180725Z May 95

ADF Superannuation Election Form
Form used by ADF members to elect to change from, or remain in DFRDB

The MSBS Fund
In the DFRDB Scheme your contributions are paid into Consolidated Revenue -that is they are paid to the Commonwealth. Similarly, all benefits are paid from Consolidated Revenue. For the MSBS, only the employer component is paid from Consolidated…

A Changing Organisation - Superannuation Fund Investment Trust
The Superannuation Fund Investment Trust was established in 1976 to manage the fund?? of the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme. Our role has been to manage and invest the moneys of the Commonwealth Superannuation Fund which comprises the…

Retention Benefit
The retention benefit is a lump sum in-service payment which will be offered to you if you are a member of the MSBS who has served in the Defence Force for more than 15 and less than 20 years and who has reached the rank of Sergeant (E), Major (E) or…
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