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This is an abridged copy of an email that was sent to the Minister for Veteran’s Affairs, the Shadow Minister and the Veteran’s Network in general, dated 26 March 2013

Thorntons Response to the May 2011 Senate Report - General Release Document.pdf
This document is a general release document containing information that formed a formal response to the Senate Legislation Committee for Finance and Administration regarding their May 2011 Senate Report and a number of Departmental submissions.…

Thorntons Net Cost Analysis.pdf
This brief discussion paper attempts to fill the void left by the Matthews’ Review in analyzing the true “net cost” of improved indexation for Commonwealth and Military Superannuation. The analysis is embryonic in nature but provides a plausible…

Thornton Senate Submission - Amendment - Super Governance Arrangements_Redacted.pdf
Submission by Peter Thornton to the Senate Standing Committee of Finance and Public Administration - The Governance of Australian Government Superannuation Schemes Bill 2010

Thornton Response to The Future Fund and Eureka Report Article - 16 FEB 2012_Redacted.pdf
I recently received an unsolicited copy of an article from the Eureka Report covering aspects of the Future Fund s operations and performance since its inception. With
your indulgence, I would like to provide a belated response and critique to not…

Thornton response to Mathews Report - dated 4 September 2009_Redacted.pdf
As one of the individual respondents who made a submission to the Mathew‟s Review, I must say that I was extremely disappointed by the lack of depth and the superficial analysis presented in the Matthews Report (to be referred to forthwith as „The…


Thornton Research Paper - 12 Sep 2012_Redacted.pdf
As readers may or may not be aware, on the 22nd of August 2012 a debate ensued in the Lower House about issues surrounding the ‘Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 ‘. As you or may not know, the Opposition introduced, for consideration,…

Letter to the Editor - Mr. Daryl Dixons Articl_Redacted.pdf
I refer to Mr. Daryl Dixon’s article in the PS Informant (3rd April 2012, pg 28), where he provides commentary (not least) on the Future Fund and Commonwealth superannuation liabilities.

Accounting for a super mystery_4.pdf
We’ve all heard that the Australian Public Service’s superannuation schemes are generous, and a look at the budget papers would seem to confirm this, revealing that the Government is spending $14.1 billion on this entitlement. Put another way, public…


Errors in Parliamentary Reporting and FOI Data_Redacted.pdf
As most of you are aware the plight of indexation reform for Military and Commonwealth retirees remains unfinished business and I / we hope that 2012 will see a turning point for the better on this front. It is on this basis that I am now writing to…

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